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Concealed Handgun Carry Courses for Colorado

Payment Page - Reserve your seat in the 8 Hour Handgun Safety / Concealed Carry Course

How to pay for your Course

  1. Check our "Course Dates" page to verify there are openings on the date you want to purchase seats
  2. Select number of seats you want to buy on pull down menu below
  3. Enter the date of the course you want to attend, and your phone number*
  4. Click "Buy Now" and pay for your course seat(s)
  5. In the "Description" area of the purchase, please enter Students name only

You may also call, email or text to request to pay with other forms of payment like Venmo, Square or Cash App. We can also email an invoice to you.

*Desktop computer users: The text might be hard to see when filling out course date and phone number; use the form below the pull down menu after your payment transaction is complete to submit your course information separate from your purchase transaction.  We will need this info to reserve your seat.  Hit "Send Message" when form is filled in.
Select number of seats to be purchased
Enter course date attending
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Use the form below to provide any additional information for the course you are purchasing seats for OR if you are using a Desktop Computer/laptop and want to submit your course date, email and phone number:
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We also accept checks, money orders, debit/credit cards by phone, PayPal, Venmo, Square and Cash App .  (Please contact me for my Venmo number it is not the same phone number as listed here)

IMPORTANT!!  We need the course date you are reserving and your phone number! Please call, text or email with the course date you have purchased if you did not get to include it in your transaction above.

Phone: 720-663-7674

Email:  tactical_iron@comcast.net


Click here for Class Dates in 2023


Cancellations & Rescheduling Course Dates:

Your purchase is for a seat or seats on a specific date.  If you miss the date, or cannot attend you will not be refunded for any reason.  You can however reschedule if you give us the specified amount of notice.  Since class sizes are small and demand is high we require 7 business days notice prior to your course date to reschedule your course.  Notice given after this 7 business day period will result in a loss of seat(s) purchase.  Notice must be given by telephone by calling 720-663-7674 during business hours; please allow an additional 24 hour period for notification by email or voice message.  This is the only way to insure you do not forfeit your seat purchase.

If you meet the above requirements and reschedule, your seats will be rescheduled on dates with the appropriate number of openings or we may spread them out over multiple dates if you prefer for your multiple seat purchase. We will only allow a purchaser to reschedule once; if you cannot attend the 2nd date you will forfeit your purchase and we offer no refund.

If you have to miss your class and cannot give us the notice as listed above, the only way to prevent loss of your purchase is that you may transfer your purchase to a friend or relative.  It is the responsibility of that friend or relative to reimburse you directly.  We will not be involved in any financial transaction once you have decided to transfer to a 3rd party.


Not showing up for the course, having to leave early, forgetting the course date, family or work emergencies, scheduling problems, any health or personal issues, and finally failure to pass the written test and/or hands on training will not qualify for a refund.  Also, if for some reason you do not qualify or pass the State of Colorado Background check for the CHP specifically this will also not constitute a refund.  Due to the nature of the instructional training services and subject matter we currently do not offer refunds unless otherwise specified.

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates are only available by calling us; they are not available through any online purchase or 3rd party company and never will be!

Gift Certificates are available in any amount for up to 4 students.  Gift Certificates are only redeemable for training, range time, and regularly scheduled courses unless other arrangements are made.  Other arrangements may include ammunition for the range, Glock Armorer Services, or pre-approved private training courses.  (Other arrangements will be clearly listed on the issued Gift Certificate.) 

Proof of purchase is required when redeeming a gift certificate;  this is usually done in the form of the gift certificate being verified by phone, then presented in printed form at time of services.  Gift Certificates are only redeemable for the above mentioned services and are not refundable for cash or other payment so please be sure to purchase these when you are positive the recipient intends to use the certificate for training and that the recipient does not intend to try to redeem the certificate for the amount paid. 

Otherwise consider a Visa or MasterCard Gift Card available at local Grocery Stores.  Gift Certificates are transferable to another party.  Please call to confirm the Certificate has been transferred to another party so that their name can be added to the file, and the certificate will be re-issued in the new party's name.  Otherwise the certificate will not be honored.  Lastly, Gift Certificates have an expiration date stamped on them.  They must be redeemed for services by the date stamped i.e. the last scheduled course before the expiration date. 

EXAMPLE:  Certificate stamped 06/2012 must be redeemed by the last course available before the last day of the month in June 2012.  Our policy on Gift Certificates is meant to prevent any misunderstandings and to clarify their use with our establishment.  Due to the nature of the instructional training services and subject matter we currently do not offer refunds unless otherwise specified.

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