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Concealed Handgun Carry Courses for Colorado

Intermediate Concealed Carry (CCW) Course

Intermediate Course is only available to current concealed carry permit holders, Security Guard/Armed Guard or students of Tactical Iron who have already completed and passed the 8 Hour Handgun Safety / CCW Course or the Basic Pistol Course with Mr. Duran.  Students interested in taking this course are subject to a background check and interview in order to attend.

This course is designed to focus on the fundamental skills for a concealed carry permit holder that might be utilized in Self-Defense with a handgun:

  • Focus on aiming, trigger control and improving defensive marksmanship
  • Fundamentals of the draw: drawing the handgun from concealment
  • Clearing the Malfunction on Semi-automatic handguns
  • Combat reload
  • Distance, footwork and range
  • Revolver tips and handling
  • Emphasis on Increasing speed and efficiency using timed drills
  • Reinforcement of all safe gun handling rules
  • Includes an assessment of your current carry handgun and gear

The Intermediate course is also a good "refresher course" if you have not practiced or need to polish skill sets required for the concealed carry permit holder.  The Intermediate Course is an excellent way to prepare for our Advanced Course. 

Please bring concealment holsters, spare magazines and carrier, speed loaders, and wear clothing that you will normally wear when carrying your firearm concealed.

Course Duration: approximately 4 hours. 2 hours classroom & 2 hours range

Course Cost: $200 per person or bring a friend and pay $175 each!  Group rates are available.

Class Date: Available by appointment please contact Mr. Duran to set a date/time

The Intermediate Concealed Carry Course is not an NRA sponsored course.

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