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Concealed Handgun Carry Courses for Colorado

Advanced Concealed Carry Course*

Advanced Course is only available to current concealed carry permit holders.

  • Review of Basic Pistol Safety
  • How to select your concealed carry pistol and holster
  • Clothing Selection for Concealment of pistol
  • Analysis of shooting stances
  • Handgun retention basics
  • Failure to fire: Understanding Malfunctions
  • Get back in the fight: Clearing the Malfunction
  • Understanding the force continuum
  • Decision to draw pistol?
  • Drawing the pistol
  • Decision to fire?
  • Firing to stop the attack; Single attacker
  • Firing to stop the attack; multiple attackers
  • Reloading during conflict
  • Use of cover and concealment
  • Firing weak hand
  • Weak hand reload and malfunction clearing
  • Less lethal options to a firearm
  • Shooting from prone, kneeling, crouched, and other positions
  • Drawing and Shooting seated or in a vehicle
  • Use of flashlight and low-light environments
  • Basic firearm disarms
  • Verbal commands
  • After the conflict: Contact with Law Enforcement
  • Legal discussion Q&A

*Prerequisite requirements: Must have a valid concealed carry handgun permit from any State.

The Advanced Concealed Handgun Course is not an NRA sponsored course.  This course is for those seriously invested in achieving an advanced  level of defensive ability as a legally armed citizen.

Course Duration: 16-20 hours includes: classroom, range and follow-up range time.  Includes one on one assessment of carry equipment and gear.

Cost: $400 per person  $50 discount for previous students of  Tactical Iron Firearms Training.

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