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Concealed Handgun Carry Courses for Colorado

8+ Hour Handgun Safety / CCW Course with Live Fire

Basics of Handgun Safety for the Colorado Concealed Handgun Permit

***This is our Premier Course for new gun owners, those interested in owning a firearm but have little or no experience, and lastly those interested in obtaining a CHP or Colorado Concealed Handgun Permit for Concealed Carry or personal protection. ***

You do not have to own a handgun to attend this course.  It is an excellent course for those interested in the Concealed Handgun Permit.  This is a great course for those who have handgun experience and own a handgun as well as those who have little or no experience and do not own a handgun.  Handgun will be provided at Live Fire.

Our instructor & course meets Colorado State 18-12-202.2 for definition of Instructor & 18-12-202.5 for definition of Handgun Safety Class.  Meets and exceeds all County and State of Colorado requirements for CHP.  *THIS COURSE IS NOT NRA CERTIFIED

Course Cost: $100 for one student or bring a friend and pay $75 each!  There is an additional $12 range fee for each student.

Handgun rentals: You may use our handguns free or rent a handgun from the Silver Bullet for their fee. You may also use your own handgun.

Handguns Available for Live fire free:  Glock 19 3rd Gen 9mm and M & P Smith & Wesson full size 9mm

Shooting Range: Silver Bullet 5901 W. 38th Ave. Wheat Ridge; $12 per student

Ammunition Cost: Varies

Classes are available regularly on alternating Saturdays, and private by appointment.  Private classes are available to groups of 4 or more; please call or email for pricing.  Call: 720-663-7674  email: tactical_iron@comast.net

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Topics Covered & Exercises: 8+ Hour Handgun Safety Course with Live Fire

7 most valuable rules regarding handgun safety

Always treat handgun as if it were loaded
Always keep handgun pointed in the safest direction
Always keep finger off of trigger until ready to fire
Always keep handgun unloaded, until ready to use handgun
Always verify your target and what is beyond your target
Only point a handgun at what you are willing to destroy
You are responsible for every bullet that is fired from your handgun

Classroom Discussion
Overview and brief discussion on what is "Use of Force?" When is force justified and what level of force can be used? What are the commonly known 5 levels of force? How does this apply to Concealed Carry?  
Brief overview of Colorado "Make My Day" Law
Brief overview of Colorado Deadly Force Laws
The final word on any legal concern for handguns and self-defense must be obtained from a qualified attorney.  Instructor Mr. Duran is NOT an Attorney.
What is legal Concealed Carry of a handgun? What is the definition of Concealed?  Does a handgun have to remain concealed? Why not open carry?
Brief overview of Reciprocity for Concealed Carry in USA
Brief discussion on legal and safe travel with a handgun
Brief discussion on why a person should avoid conflicts and what they can do to avoid them.  Legal concerns both criminal and civil. Consider joining a legal fund.
Discussion on concealed carry handgun selection.  Includes points on revolver and semi-automatic.
Discussion on holster selection for Men and Women, and why carry on the person is safer as opposed to backpack, purse or briefcase carry.
Brief discussion on how to handle being stopped by Law Enforcement when carrying a legal concealed handgun.  In your vehicle traffic stop example.
Discussion on where permit holders are NOT allowed to carry
Children and Handguns.  Handguns should never be left unattended or hidden.

Handgun Knowledge
Parts of a handgun, terminology, types of handguns
Ammunition selection and calibers
How to safely store a handgun, gun safes, ammunition storage, gun storage in a vehicle
How to verify a handgun is unloaded: The Triple Check. Point in safe direction, remove magazine, rack slide 2-3 times, lock slide back, visually & physically inspect chamber or cylinder with finger.  
How to clean and maintain a handgun: perform the unloaded triple check and remove live ammunition from the area.  Point in safe direction at all times.  Cleaning tools to buy.
How to select & purchase a handgun for home protection and legal Concealed Carry
How to safely rack the slide, shooting grip, shooting stances & the fundamentals of shooting
How to dry fire practice, snap caps, and safe direction
How to load a handgun magazine & revolver and how to verify it is loaded/unloaded
Range Safety Rules outdoor and indoor ranges.  Learn the range rules before entering range.

Live Fire Shooting Range
Shooting Dominant Hand Two-Handed Grip
Shooting Stances
Elimination of bad habits, re-enforcing desirable shooting technique
Correct reload, modern methods
7 Yard standing 2 handed grip & as time permits 10 to 12 Yards standing 2 handed

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