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Tactical Iron Firearms Training concealed carry class

Handgun Safety & Concealed Carry Courses

Tactical Iron Firearms Training offers structured skills for safety, sport, and security. Our focus is on training firearms safety and security for law abiding gun owners and security professionals. 

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8+ Hour Handgun Safety | CCW Course

The premier course for learning pistol, handgun, and small firearms. 

This 8 hour firearms safety course is the perfect choice for anyone with zero to expert experience with handguns. 

Learn the basic knowledge, skills and attitude necessary for owning and using a pistol safely.

  • Learn common pistol and ammunition types.

  • Learn fundamentals of pistol shooting.

  • Learn the rules for safe gun hand​ling.

  • Learn how to maintain and clean your pistol.

  • Fire your first shots at the shooting range (for first time shooters).


Course size is always 8 students or less for safety & quality of instruction.

Course Duration:

8+ hour handgun safety & CCW courses are 6-7 hours including lunch break and 15 min. drive time to the range. We usually spend about an hour at the range.


colorado concealed handgun permit

Instructor and course meets Colorado State 18-12-202.2 for definition of Instructor & 18-12-202.5 for definition of Handgun Safety Course.  Meets and exceeds all County and State of Colorado requirements for CHP.

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concealed carry classes in Arvada, Colorado

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Class schedule
Colorado CCW CHP concealed carry class
(1)  Seat: $100 + $12 range fee, Total $112.00 USD
(2) Seats: $150 ($25 off up to f

Bring a Friend and save $25 off up to 4 people

(1) Seat: $100 + $12 shooting fee - $112.00 USD
(2) Seats: $150 + $12 shooting fee x2 - $174.00 USD
Save $25!
(3) Seats: $225 + $12 shooting fee x3 - $261.00 USD Save $75!
(4) Seats: $300 + $12 shooting fee x4 - $348.00 USD Save $100!

Please make sure that Mr. Duran has your phone number when you reserve your seat(s).

courses fill up quickly

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Gift certificates are available! Contact us for purchase.

Colorado CCW class


Committed to Safety

Since 2006, Tactical Iron Firearms Training has been a Colorado leader providing unrivaled education, training and resources to lawful gun owners. Our students leave our handgun safety and concealed carry course with a sense of newfound or improved handgun safety and shooting skills.


We are committed to your safety and prohibit any live ammunition in the classroom. Our firearms instructor, Mr. Duran, teaches small courses so that you always receive the personalized attention you need, and he gladly answers any questions you might have. 

Tactical Iron Firearms Training is located in Arvada, CO.  We utilize the Silver Bullet Shooting Range for the live fire section.

best handgun safety class Arvada

"His insight and perspective helped me understand my responsibilities and prepare myself for concealed carry.  Most importantly, his presentation style made the time pass quickly while passing on useful knowledge.  The shooting portion was a lot of fun as well." - Troy I.

5 star firearms training for concealed carry


"He helped me reinforce good habits when handling firearms and easily identified ways to help improve my accuracy on the range. A very positive experience." - Nick H.

Best handgun safety classes in Colorado

"He really makes you feel engaged and that you feel confident in the information and are fully prepared. I really enjoyed how he gave me hands on information of my personal firearm and taught me more than a knew about my own firearm!" - Michael S.

firearms safety concealed carry class colorado
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